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In IPL 2023, will Indian Test players be rested? Rohit Sharma Discusses WTC's Final Planning


     The Indian players, whose IPL teams didn't advance to the T20 League playoffs, may gather in London for a two-week fitness camp prior to the World Test Championship final against Australia, according to India captain Rohit Sharma on Monday. 

     The WTC final is held in June, immediately following the IPL, and this year's final will take place on May 29, with the WTC starting on June 7 at the Oval. There will be a lot of travelling required as the IPL returns to its original home and away model for the first time since the post-COVID-19 outbreak. Out of all the current India Test regulars, only Cheteshwar Pujara is not a part of the IPL.

What they said

     "It's very important to us. We'll monitor each player's workload, stay in touch with them, and find out what's going on with them during the course of that final," At a news conference held after India defeated Australia 2-1, Sharma responded to a question from PTI.

     The captain provided a sneak peek into his plans for the big final: "Around May 21st, there will be six teams that are possibly out of IPL play-off contention. Therefore, whichever players are available, we will try to find time to get them to the UK as early as possible and get some time, and we will monitor as much as possible." 


     Speaking of competing against Australia, it will be a unique match with a neutral site for both teams. The captain said, "Both teams have played a lot of cricket in that region of the world, and I won't say it will be alien conditions for both teams, but yes, compared to what it is like playing India in India or Australia in Australia, it is not going to be like that, it would be slightly different from that, which I am sure both teams will prepare for it."


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